• Mario and Mike, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Mario and Mike, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Mario and Mike, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Mario and Mike, Winnipeg, Canada

Mario and Mike, Winnipeg, Canada


Mario, 32, and Mike, 24, are from Winnipeg, Canada. We met them in Trindade, Brazil, where they were coming to the end of a three month trip in Brazil and Argentina. Mike is a chef and Mario owns a personal training business, helping people to find out what they want and how to get it. Mario also works as a stuntman and has been stunt double for the likes of Brad Pitt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He has the most infectious laugh we have ever heard. We interviewed them on a day of disappointment for Mike – notice the theme to  his answers.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Mario: To manipulate space and time because then there would be no bounds. You could do everything.

Mike: The ability to make good surf at the snap of a finger.

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Mario: Jesus, Chris Kristofferson and my grandfather.

Mike: Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis and John Belushi. It would be a dinner of mushrooms and weed.

Mario: Can I come?

Describe your perfect day.

Mike: It would have been today if there was surf. Or maybe I’d wake up after a great party the night before, perhaps still a little drunk, but feeling good. I’d go to the beach, eat fruit, smoke weed and drink beer. Then three girls would strip their bikini tops off in front of me, one at a time – that actually happened today.Then there would be a great beach party with a huge Argentinian barbecue and all my friends. I’d finish the day with my girlfriend on the beach. Everyone else would be gone apart from one guy would be out of sight but we’d be able to hear him playing guitar really well. We’d sleep on the beach and do “yoga” – you know, stretching and heavy breathing. There would be no mosquitoes either.

Mario: Mine would be a day where I didn’t have to think about my wallet getting stolen. I could leave my bike unlocked and it would still be there when I came back. Everywhere I walked, people would look me in the eyes and smile at me. There would also be yoga – the type Mike talked about.

What’s the closest you’ve come to death?

Mario: I live death. I’m a stuntman so everyday I face death. One of the scariest moments was climbing a six-storey water tower with no harness. I had to climb to the top, slip, lose grip, hold on with one hand and then pull myself up. There are scary moments, but I’ve never felt that close to death.

What’s the love of your life?

Mario: Life. I love life.

Mike: I’ll go for life too. Today is always my day – apart from today with the surf.

What’s your worst habit?

Mario: Lying during surveys. No, I’m joking. I love surveys. Can I change my ‘I love life’ to ‘I love surveys’?

Mike: Forgetfulness is my worst trait.

What’s you greatest fear?

Mario: Waking up old and realising I worked 60 hours a week, slaving, and didn’t have the ability, confidence or opportunity to realise my dreams.

If you could travel in time, where would you go?

Mike: Back to this morning in a parallel universe where there was good surf.

Mario: If I go back to the big bang, will I be affected by it or would I just be observing? Will I be like ‘Mike’s surfing and I’m dying in the big bang?’. I’ll go with 3rd March 2100 BC – something must have happened then. Egypt was probably nice at that time of year.

When were you happiest?

Mario: it happens pretty well every year in the second week of March when the Winnipeg Folk Festival happens. I started an art collective there ten years ago. We make thematic historical structures, accurate to the time, like the colosseum. It’s grown into a whole movement now. We did prohibition last year, which was my favourite. It was a library by day and a speakeasy at night – the bookshelves turned into a bar and you could turn it back into a library in 60 seconds.

Mike: Same answer. I joined the collective a few years ago.

Mario: We’re called the Castle Boys as the first structure was a castle. A few of us made it for ourselves as we were fed up of getting lost in a sea of tents at night. It had a moat and a drawbridge – people loved it, and now we do it every year for everyone.

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